Where it all started

When we look through our archives of old work, it's sometimes hard to look at. The fact is, we all started somewhere. When we look at the work of great artists in history, it is easy to say, 'i can never get that level of work,' but we often forget, they were standing in our shoes when they first started.

My Journey to becoming a professional photographer began in 2014, when i started my course in law. For 5 years, i attended Babcock School of Law, where ironically, my passion for photography grew. I remember when one of my classmate (Ebe Agada) brought his camera to school and showed us the pictures he took during the summer and i was drawn to it. I asked him if i could take some pictures and he did let me. i had my first shoot and i remember falling in love with the process of creating something with the camera.

I showed my friends what i had done with a camera and everyone admired it, it left smiles on their faces. From that point on, i decided to keep putting smiles on peoples faces with photography.

Seun Oderinde, C.E.O

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Sonia Uzoh

“You get a whole lot more than what you pay for. Great customer service, a kind, funny patient and experienced photographer, a highly creative team, considerate individuals. Great Music, great vibes! An overall wonderful experience!”

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